New Year (Almost a month late)

I am the type of person to constantly re-evaluate my goals.  However I still enjoy the tradition of mapping out large goals at the beginning of every year.  Having said this, I am off to a bit of a slow start considering it is January 22.  I am in luck because tomorrow is the Chinese New Year.  So we’ll just pretend that I did it this way on purpose.

How I present goals to myself is to start out very broad, and I tend to have a bunch.  Then I try and focus on the nitty gritty steps in those goals as I have time, money and other resources to spend on said goals.  Sometimes one has to be realistic and wait on some goals (such as traveling the world – I’m still trying to save for that) while others can be started immediately (taking my vitamins every day).  I’m not very good at routine.  I find this weird because supposedly human beings as a whole are very routine animals.  I suspect this means that I have very subtle routines or just don’t recognize them as routines at all.  As I notice them, I will try and point them out to myself to make sure I want to keep them.  My coffee everyday is an obvious routine I have.  I’m fine with it for now, as I keep it under two cups a day and I never put sugar in it.  Ok, big goal time.

Big Goal Number 1:  Become as healthy as possible

Big Goal Number 2: Be as creative as possible

Big Goal Number 3: Become financially amazing

Big Goal Number 4: Like the way I look

My rules for getting to these big goals?  Little steps, big changes.  Also, I realize that these are spheres that are not separate.  They overlap quite a bit.  Now this blog I categorize as being under Big Goal Number 2.  This is my little goal #1.  I have decided I am allowed to add one small goal per day, but I do not have to add a new one everyday.  I don’t want to become overwhelmed or make this a chore.  If I am going to follow through it needs to be fun.  Now I tried to look up the number of days before something becomes a habit, and lo and behold… it depends.  21 days to 28 days was the favorite number but this was not based on science apparently.  There was no study and no method, so probably not a good number to depend on.  Another study (which I have in no way varified – still researching) says that one average a habit is formed at 66 days.  I am going to track my goals at sixty days, reevaluate, and decide whether or not it has become a habit or if it needs more help.  So for the next sixty days straight I am going to write in this blog, and then after that I will cut myself some slack, two to three days a week maybe.  We’ll see if it works out.  I am going to think positive thoughts 🙂

Tomorrow, I will begin to break down Big Goal Number 1.  I bought a six month run at  It has lessons running from simple beginner level to expert.  I already cook but I hope to vastly improve my skills with this and other tools.

Happy New Year



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