My skin

It took me a bit of thinking to decide which large Goal this smaller goal fit under.  But I decided on Big Goal #4: Like the way I look.  So last week my skin began clearing up, which I think was due in part to the fact that I was pretty good at sticking to my diet, and even didn’t have any sugar for a week.  However Tuesday, January 24th, I broke out.  Big time!  I got four large bumps (not yet pimples but small mounds that look like round welts) that always give way to cysts.  I was pretty upset.  I did a great job washing my face, eating right… what the hell!  Today it hit me.  Usually I drink good wholesome organic dairy products.  But starting Monday, I had not gotten a chance to go to Whole Foods and so I used the free Hood Half and Half provided by my employers.  Big mistake!  Hood is full of hormones and antibiotics, no wonder I broke out!

This then is my goals: No more non-rgbh dairy ever!  Not at Starbucks, not at restaurants, never again.  This is very important to me.  When I am not looking in a mirror I am convinced my skin is ugly and horrible.  When I look in the mirror I can convince myself that I look ok.  I want to know that I look great in my skin all the time.  Cutting out all that rgbh treated dairy should help!


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