Horrible blogger

I am truly bad at this whole consistant blogger thing.  However I have hope.  First off because my favorite blogs are about people who get too busy to write anything.  How can you write about anything if you have had no experiences?  Also, I just started.  I can’t expect to be good at something the first few times I do it.

Today I wanted to share an accomplishment.  I made the best Kale chips!  I’m very satisfied with them and next time I make them I will record what I did and share it here.  Most kale chip recipes are pretty similar so I recommend if they don’t turn out how you expect them too, read someone else’s recipe or tweak it yourself.  It will turn out great eventually!

This coming Saturday, my husband and I are off to look at houses.  This is the first such outing, so it is not like we are buying any time soon, but I am excited anyway!