Contest at Civilized Caveman

Sometimes trying to be Primal can be expensive, so I take my time adding in all the little conveniences that make this diet easier to do with the time and money I have.  Hopefully some people can take advantage of the contests that some websites have, and get some wonderful stuff.  At the very least I have been very inspired in some of the stuff I have seen.  I am on a rediculously limited budget (school loans and trying to go back to school vicious cycle) so it takes a lot of patience and control not to just go out and buy a bunch of stuff for my lifestyle.  The original reason I had to not do this was because I get excited by new concepts and by up a bunch of stuff and then abandon it two months later.  Huge waste.  I have been involved in this lifestyle since September of 2010, so I feel pretty committed and I don’t feel this is a problem anymore.  However you can do this lifestyle without all the fancy stuff as well.  The tools are awesome, don’t get me wrong but I want people to realize that you can start this lifestyle on any budget.  In the future I plan on posting some tricks to make it cheaper, without sacrificing anything.  I know, big promises!


Anyway, on to the contest!  Civilized Caveman is having a giveaway if you go around and like a bunch of stuff on facebook and subscribe to a couple of newsletters.  Now normally it makes me really uncomfortable to do things like that, because of many reasons I don’t feel like going into.  However, the facebook likes appear to help out quite a few small businesses whose practices I think I could really get behind.  So definitely go and check it out!

Civilized Caveman $1800 Giveaway!



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