Trying New Things

I hate seafood.  I hate it with a passion.  It smells bad and everything it touches becomes fishy and musty to me.  I’ve had what others consider to be very good fish and other seafood and still thought it tasted that way.  It is probably me, not where it came from and not how it was prepared.

I am aware, however, that I have only tried a small fraction of seafood and cooking methods.  Two years ago on a whim I tried sushi for the first time.   It contained salmon and eel and I loved it!  Having switched from a conventional American diet to a primal one, I have to really pay attention to individual nutrients until it becomes a habit.  In the past many nutrients that have been added to “fortified foods” came from foods I do not enjoy.  Seafood is one of them.  I want to expand my palate and eat better foods.  I am trying to give seafood a fair try.

In a couple of minutes Karl and I are headed down to his folks to visit and go to a seafood restaurant they love to go to.  Nothing fancy, considered very casual.  I want to go into this with the spirit of being adventurous and the knowledge that if I don’t like it, thats ok.  The important thing is that I tried something new.


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