Raw oyster!?!

Karl’s parents, along with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece, went to a seafood place called Turk’s Seafood. It is a gem of a restaurant. Located at 83 Marion St, Mattapoisett MA, this gem was started by the late Richard “Turk” Pasquill in 1989. His concept was to buy seafood basically off the boat, which is guaranteed to be the freshest fish.

I went into this with the decision to try new things. My father-in-law, Charlie, knows the guy who runs the place and received permission to let me try a raw oyster. They brought it out on a little plate with a small chunk of lemon and some cocktail sauce. They basically announced it as they came in with it, which made the entire room go quiet. So in front of thirty or so new friends I tried my first raw oyster with lemon juice fresh squeezed on it. Several onlookers commented on the fact that eating an oyster was like taking a shot. Let me tell you, with thirty people watching I felt newly twenty-one again! The oyster was good though. I would definitely try it again, although it mostly tasted like lemons.

Karl ordered fried scallops, deciding to give himself a cheat since it has been so long since we had eaten out. He was nice enough to let me try one, and I found it buttery and delicious. The texture was perfect. We had try to make scallops before as an appetizer for a dinner party, but it turned out pretty chewy. Luckily it was wrapped in bacon, so was still a hit, but I really want to replicate what I just had in the restaurant. Although no breading of course. Karl also had a side of sweet potato fries.

I decided to order the seared rare tuna over sushi rice and mango salsa. It originally had a spicy Hawaiian sauce, but it had soy in it so I left it off. The mango salsa wasn’t my favorite but that is because I like it a very specific way. The tuna melted in my mouth and was absolutely delicious. I would definitely go back to this restaurant. My niece definitely did not like being there, too many people I think. She preferred to be outdoors 😉 I have to admit eating the meal outside would have been awesome. I also stole another scallop.

Overall the meal was very very good. Definitely encourages my branching into seafood.


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