New kettlebell

So Karl and I are trying to cut down costs, and because we were already living fairly frugully to begin with it means we don’t have many places to cut back in.  We both have a gym membership to Total Performance Sports, a very awesome gym.  We are paying $29.00 a month, which in my opinion is a very good deal.  Because of this it was hard to cut it.  We have decided to give up the gym.  No worries, we have a plan on how to stay in shape.  We are investing in our favorite part of the gym: kettlebells.  We ordered a 16kg kettlebell.


It is so pretty!  We decided on this kettlebell for many reasons.  It is professional grade which means it is made out of steel and not iron.  Every kettlebell we buy from this line will be the same size and shape but still vary in weight. This important for carry over technique.  You don’t want to have to adapt your technique every time you go up a weight.  We settled on 16kg because we can both start out using it as a heavy.  However we are aware that Karl is probably very quickly move beyond this weight and need a heavier one.  He will then use the 16kg as his light kettlebell.  I will be able to continue using it as my heavy and will in the future buy a lighter one for my light.  It seemed this best one for us to start with.  

My current workout is as follows:

Kettlebell two hand swing heavy: 25

Squats body:  10

Around the Body heavy:  12

Knee Push-Ups: 10

Heavy Figure Eight: 10

Plank: 60 seconds

Kettlebell two hand swing heavy:  25

Squats body: 10

Around the body heavy: 12

Knee Pushups 10

Figure Eight: 10

Plank: 60 seconds

Next week I hope to incorporate some new exercises but I am having a hard time finding good heavy kettlebell moves.  


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