Primal Cats?

A topic for another post: what I feed my cats.  Hint: its raw, and tends to run around clucking.

However, this is a slightly more surreal post.  Karl and I decided to potty train our cats.  According to many sources this can be done in as little as four weeks, depending on the cat.  This whole thing makes me giggle a bit, but if it works out it will be interesting to see how much money we save on kitty litter.  I also hate kitty litter on my feet, in my bed, my cats smell like the powder and dust that comes from the kitty litter.  I’m pretty sick of it.  We thought about switching to the Swheat Scoop kitty litter, but decided against it for several reasons.  One, it feels so wrong to by something that is clearly made out of wheat when you are primal 🙂  Also there are some concerns that any dust from the litter would include gluten, and we have done such a good job eliminating gluten from out apartment completely (as far as I know).  However, I am sure the dust from clay litter is not good for any of our lungs.  Also, from what I hear, clay litter is pretty horrible for the environment during both the production of it and the disposal.

So we thought: Why not get rid of kitty litter altogether?  This appeals to me on so many fronts.  I won’t have to deal with above kitty litter issues.  This is way cheaper, which means more money towards bills and tasty food.  My cats are pretty smart so I think this will be pretty easy.   The kit comes with a training seat, a training seat insert, instructions, quick tips guide, and catnip.   

I’ve already started to set it up.  I gave the toilet a good cleaning, as well as their kitty litter box.  They recommend putting the kitty litter box next to the toilet to get them used to the noise, but mine is already placed there.  They have no fear of the toilet at all.  I have taped open the toilet lid, which I expect is going to be very hard for me not to close.  I have made a small calendar to track progress (you are supposed to give each step two weeks without accidents before moving on to the next step.  This is because I have two cats, otherwise I could reduce that to one week.)  We have to wait to be paid, so that we can go buy flushable kitty litter in case any falls in while training is in progress.  This Friday we will go get a medium bag to help with the transition.

As I go through this process I will keep track here, in case anybody is curious.  If you are not don’t read 😀


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