Time to get back to it

Been awhile!

I have been feeling a little down about life lately, which is a bit silly since I actually have it pretty good.  ALl of my finances are in order (was a little shaky there for a while) and I have some extra time to devote to projects or just let myself be lazy.

One small project that I basically failed at was maintaining a herb garden with my vermiculture to match.  I am getting the feeling that vermiculture just may not be my thing.  It sounds like a great idea, but I don’t have the follow through for it.  This is a project I may have to wait until I own a house for (and instead do composting 😀 ).  However, I still want my herb plants.  So I am trying again there.  I bought myself another rosemary plant since I have had much success with those in the past.  Tonight I am going to transplant it into my large terracotta pot, and I promise to actually water it when it needs it!  Crazy I know.  Karl will be happy to know the worms are leaving I think.  I may have accidentally started to grow potatoes in the container instead.  At least I hope so, otherwise the mold is on the move.  Must sanitize the bathroom!




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