New goal: Learning Spanish

I have been pushing myself to expand my mind.  Work is not challenging enough to keep my mind stimulated and I have noticed that the more bored I am the more depressed and lethargic I tend to become.  To prevent this from happening I try to learn as many new things as possible.    My next endeavor is to learn Spanish.  I have quite a few friends close to me who either speak Spanish as a second language or (even better) as their original language.  They have all said they would be happy to help me along in learning it.  I also stumbled upon a website that I have so far enjoyed called Fluent in three month – Language Hacking and Travel Tips.  He claims you can learn any language you want for free.  Reading his intro and some of the beginning of his blog, I believe him.  It appeals to me because I would be self-taught and I can go as fast as I want.  

There is a library near my work, which I plan to visit tomorrow during lunch.  Hopefully I can get a library card there and pick up some teach-yourself-Spanish books and get started.  I am also going to take another look at LiveMocha which is another free language tool.  I am going to try to come up with some very short-term motivational goals, as Benny suggests (On Fluent in 3 months) in the next few days.

Todays goal: Look up LiveMocha.


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