Being Primal in Boston

I personally feel that being primal in Boston is strangely difficult.  Unfortunately Boston consumers are very separated from their food sources.  I feel that this is changing but it means sourcing foods I want to eat is difficult to find, and when I find it can be really expensive.  My income almost perfectly matches my bills, including my 100 dollars a week for food.  However I don’t want to be defeatist.  I have been eating primal-style for over two years, so I have a pretty good handle on the basics.  My challenge now is to really fine tune where I get my food, and hopefully raise the bar.  I also notice there are not a lot of sources (information) for eating this way in Boston, despite the recent Ancestral Health Symposium a few weeks ago.  Maybe this will help me make me connections locally with businesses and people who want to eat this way.  Also if I find ways of eating primal and cheap here in Boston perhaps it will help others who struggle as well.

I do have a few recommendations if you are lucky enough to live near enough to use them on a regular basis:

First one I have talked about before.  I had my first raw oyster at Turks.  This is not a paleo restaurant of course, but it is very fresh, excellent seafood.  They were very accommodating to my diet restrictions and for my mother-in-laws must more strict diet restrictions (she seems to be allergic to just about everything).  If we lived closer, I would be going there once a week for sure!

My second recommendation is only if you included dairy in your diet.  Lawton’s Family Farm is the place Karl and I like to go for raw milk.  Unfortunately, this is another place that is a bit out of the way for us.  And it is a farm.  The owners are straight-forward, no-nonsense type of people.  I definitely appreciate that!

My third recommendation is a source for high-quality pork, that I myself have not yet been able to utilize.  It is a mangalitsa pig farm.  They have a class that teaches you how to butcher, store, prepare, and cook their pigs.  I was trying to save up for the class, however, my overtime at work ended and I could not depend on it to come back.  Hopefully next year they will have a similar class and I can save up for it!

Another place that I use to pick up speciality items would be Savenor’s.  I don’t buy the majority of my groceries here because they are a boutique butchery.  However there is not that much of a markup, so it may not be a bad option for less cash-strapped budgets.  I tend to buy my duck fat and lard here, as well as items I can’t find anywhere else.  Once I get a stock pot, I am probably going to buy some of my bones from there.

I am sure I will think of other places, but sometimes I am a little shy about trying new places because of my budget.  However I am striving to try more new things because I do really want to up my eating habits.  I want to explore more of Boston, because I know the options are here!  I just need to be creative and bold so that I can find them!


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