This is going to be a truely selfish post.  My reasons for writing are to record the wonderful accomplished feelings I experience after coming home from kettlebell class in hopes that next Saturday I will go again, and the Saturday after, etc.  I almost did not go this morning.

If you have never done kettlebell, I highly recommend it.  Even for people who don’t particularly work out, its amazing!  This is my fourth or fifth time going, and I am definitely starting to click with it.  Another girl in my class (I shall call her Green Shirt!) was doing the class for the second time.  Talking to her and watching some of the differences between us (although I think she is more naturally inclined to it than I am) made me realize some of the reasons why it is so amazing.  The very shape of the kettlebells insures that you KNOW whether or not you are doing it right.  If you don’t do it right, its going to hurt.  The downside to that is it is really easy to become afraid of the moves.  But once you get a move perfectly correct (even if all the following times you struggle to match it) it feels glorious.  Your mind is amazed what your body can do.  You start out with these weights that just make you sputter to think you can move them the way the instructor is telling you to.  And then you get it and you immediately think, pish I can go way heavier then this.

I just feel so accomplished.  I love this class.