To be successful, you cannot stay comfortable

These words really resonated with me the other day.  I was ready a different blog, and in passing they said something similar; those words sparked something.  This is why it is hard to do awesome things.  You have to do uncomfortable things to get there.  Now I don’t mean something gross, or unacceptable I mean literally you just don’t want to.  Feel likes being the whiney child.  You know that feeling when you need to do your taxes.  You would rather avoid it like the plague (or at least those are my feelings.)

I want to go to Puerto Rico this fall.  I really want to.  Yet I am no closer to accomplishing that then I was a month ago when it first came up.  Why?  I would have to work on my budget.  Maybe sacrifice some other things to make it happen.  That is not fun, and so it is uncomfortable.  but what is the payoff?  Puerto Rico for a week?  Seems work it to me, yet I have not done a single thing to get there.

I have decided I am ready to switch careers.  The career I am considering (and already working on) is not stable, and it all depends on me.  I will be my own boss.  How scary!  How freeing.  Right now I am taking a class about it, so I have some accountability.  But I will only truly be beholden to myself so I better come up with a plan on how to move forward!

Life should not be comfortable for too long.  It is ok to take time to enjoy what you have, but if you want to grow and become more you have to do things that are uncomfortable.

It is time to get out there and just do it!


Contest at Civilized Caveman

Sometimes trying to be Primal can be expensive, so I take my time adding in all the little conveniences that make this diet easier to do with the time and money I have.  Hopefully some people can take advantage of the contests that some websites have, and get some wonderful stuff.  At the very least I have been very inspired in some of the stuff I have seen.  I am on a rediculously limited budget (school loans and trying to go back to school vicious cycle) so it takes a lot of patience and control not to just go out and buy a bunch of stuff for my lifestyle.  The original reason I had to not do this was because I get excited by new concepts and by up a bunch of stuff and then abandon it two months later.  Huge waste.  I have been involved in this lifestyle since September of 2010, so I feel pretty committed and I don’t feel this is a problem anymore.  However you can do this lifestyle without all the fancy stuff as well.  The tools are awesome, don’t get me wrong but I want people to realize that you can start this lifestyle on any budget.  In the future I plan on posting some tricks to make it cheaper, without sacrificing anything.  I know, big promises!


Anyway, on to the contest!  Civilized Caveman is having a giveaway if you go around and like a bunch of stuff on facebook and subscribe to a couple of newsletters.  Now normally it makes me really uncomfortable to do things like that, because of many reasons I don’t feel like going into.  However, the facebook likes appear to help out quite a few small businesses whose practices I think I could really get behind.  So definitely go and check it out!

Civilized Caveman $1800 Giveaway!