Oops, been awhile!

Finding out about my friend’s blog made me realize that I had completely neglected mine.  Oops.

Let’s see, what is going on with me?

This morning I went to a sewing class called “Get to Know Your Sewing Machine PLUS.”  The purpose was to familiarize yourself with your sewing machine and how to read patterns.  The sewing machine part was not really necessary for me, because the machine comes with instructions.  I don’t need help reading those.  However the pattern’s part was very helpful to me.  Also I have had the teacher, Cassidy (I hope I am spelling that right!) is awesome.  She is a very good teacher.  Always confidant that you can do it, but never overemphasizing how “easy it is;” making you fell stupid when you don’t get it.  I always feel comfortable leaving her classes to do my own thing.

Two of the girls taking the class seemed nice, if a little shy.  One of the girls… not so nice.  She may have some anger issues.  I hope she is not in my next class.  I miss the ladies from my knitting class.  They were so awesome!  They travel way more than I do, so I was a little jealous.  

Karl wants to start traveling.  I think he might have the bug, which I am ok with.  Maybe it will push me to actually save to go somewhere cool.  We are thinking the Caribbean.  I have several friends from there who are full of advice on where to go and how to do it for cheaps.

Lastly I have been on an intense kick to learn as many new things as possible.  I am trying to sort it out and divide my time wisely.  This way I actually retain what I learn.  Currently still working on Spanish, fermenting food,  quality work (as part of my job in Quality Assurance), knitting, sewing, statistics, possibly going back to school and a workout plan that is more intense then I previously realized.  There is more but that is what pops up currently.

Perhaps returning to blogging will help me sort and decide things in my mind. 


Being Primal in Boston

I personally feel that being primal in Boston is strangely difficult.  Unfortunately Boston consumers are very separated from their food sources.  I feel that this is changing but it means sourcing foods I want to eat is difficult to find, and when I find it can be really expensive.  My income almost perfectly matches my bills, including my 100 dollars a week for food.  However I don’t want to be defeatist.  I have been eating primal-style for over two years, so I have a pretty good handle on the basics.  My challenge now is to really fine tune where I get my food, and hopefully raise the bar.  I also notice there are not a lot of sources (information) for eating this way in Boston, despite the recent Ancestral Health Symposium a few weeks ago.  Maybe this will help me make me connections locally with businesses and people who want to eat this way.  Also if I find ways of eating primal and cheap here in Boston perhaps it will help others who struggle as well.

I do have a few recommendations if you are lucky enough to live near enough to use them on a regular basis:

First one I have talked about before.  I had my first raw oyster at Turks.  This is not a paleo restaurant of course, but it is very fresh, excellent seafood.  They were very accommodating to my diet restrictions and for my mother-in-laws must more strict diet restrictions (she seems to be allergic to just about everything).  If we lived closer, I would be going there once a week for sure!

My second recommendation is only if you included dairy in your diet.  Lawton’s Family Farm is the place Karl and I like to go for raw milk.  Unfortunately, this is another place that is a bit out of the way for us.  And it is a farm.  The owners are straight-forward, no-nonsense type of people.  I definitely appreciate that!

My third recommendation is a source for high-quality pork, that I myself have not yet been able to utilize.  It is a mangalitsa pig farm.  They have a class that teaches you how to butcher, store, prepare, and cook their pigs.  I was trying to save up for the class, however, my overtime at work ended and I could not depend on it to come back.  Hopefully next year they will have a similar class and I can save up for it!

Another place that I use to pick up speciality items would be Savenor’s.  I don’t buy the majority of my groceries here because they are a boutique butchery.  However there is not that much of a markup, so it may not be a bad option for less cash-strapped budgets.  I tend to buy my duck fat and lard here, as well as items I can’t find anywhere else.  Once I get a stock pot, I am probably going to buy some of my bones from there.

I am sure I will think of other places, but sometimes I am a little shy about trying new places because of my budget.  However I am striving to try more new things because I do really want to up my eating habits.  I want to explore more of Boston, because I know the options are here!  I just need to be creative and bold so that I can find them!

Gave in to Chipotle

I consider today a success in the amount of goals I have continued.  I also did not do some things I meant to.  Let us go in order.  I did not bring anything to eat.  If I want to keep up with my eating habits and feel good I need to cook and bring in food.  I did not do any pushups, squats, etc while at work.  I’m a lazy bum.  However work was pretty productive.  I really focused on what I could get done and got the ball rolling on several items.  When I got home I played with the kittens and then fed them.  I worked out (one set – whole body).  I also played my lumosity, and then studied Spanish for half an hour.  I am very pleased with today.  Now… to relax.

New goal: Learning Spanish

I have been pushing myself to expand my mind.  Work is not challenging enough to keep my mind stimulated and I have noticed that the more bored I am the more depressed and lethargic I tend to become.  To prevent this from happening I try to learn as many new things as possible.    My next endeavor is to learn Spanish.  I have quite a few friends close to me who either speak Spanish as a second language or (even better) as their original language.  They have all said they would be happy to help me along in learning it.  I also stumbled upon a website that I have so far enjoyed called Fluent in three month – Language Hacking and Travel Tips.  He claims you can learn any language you want for free.  Reading his intro and some of the beginning of his blog, I believe him.  It appeals to me because I would be self-taught and I can go as fast as I want.  

There is a library near my work, which I plan to visit tomorrow during lunch.  Hopefully I can get a library card there and pick up some teach-yourself-Spanish books and get started.  I am also going to take another look at LiveMocha which is another free language tool.  I am going to try to come up with some very short-term motivational goals, as Benny suggests (On Fluent in 3 months) in the next few days.

Todays goal: Look up LiveMocha.

Time to get back to it

Been awhile!

I have been feeling a little down about life lately, which is a bit silly since I actually have it pretty good.  ALl of my finances are in order (was a little shaky there for a while) and I have some extra time to devote to projects or just let myself be lazy.

One small project that I basically failed at was maintaining a herb garden with my vermiculture to match.  I am getting the feeling that vermiculture just may not be my thing.  It sounds like a great idea, but I don’t have the follow through for it.  This is a project I may have to wait until I own a house for (and instead do composting 😀 ).  However, I still want my herb plants.  So I am trying again there.  I bought myself another rosemary plant since I have had much success with those in the past.  Tonight I am going to transplant it into my large terracotta pot, and I promise to actually water it when it needs it!  Crazy I know.  Karl will be happy to know the worms are leaving I think.  I may have accidentally started to grow potatoes in the container instead.  At least I hope so, otherwise the mold is on the move.  Must sanitize the bathroom!



Looking at houses!

So we have gone quite a few times to look for houses, but I had not really talked about it much.  We are serious in our search, but we want to take our time and find something that really fits into our lifestyle, but also our budget.  Very difficult.  We also want a house (or are willing to take one) that needs some TLC however we also don’t want something to big for us to handle.  I basically think we want a house that has good structure, and decent land, but may be ugly at the moment.  Something fixable over time.

Today we are meeting Karl’s mother to go look at six houses, and then afterwards go out to dinner.  This time I am bringing my camera!


Primal Cats?

A topic for another post: what I feed my cats.  Hint: its raw, and tends to run around clucking.

However, this is a slightly more surreal post.  Karl and I decided to potty train our cats.  According to many sources this can be done in as little as four weeks, depending on the cat.  This whole thing makes me giggle a bit, but if it works out it will be interesting to see how much money we save on kitty litter.  I also hate kitty litter on my feet, in my bed, my cats smell like the powder and dust that comes from the kitty litter.  I’m pretty sick of it.  We thought about switching to the Swheat Scoop kitty litter, but decided against it for several reasons.  One, it feels so wrong to by something that is clearly made out of wheat when you are primal 🙂  Also there are some concerns that any dust from the litter would include gluten, and we have done such a good job eliminating gluten from out apartment completely (as far as I know).  However, I am sure the dust from clay litter is not good for any of our lungs.  Also, from what I hear, clay litter is pretty horrible for the environment during both the production of it and the disposal.

So we thought: Why not get rid of kitty litter altogether?  This appeals to me on so many fronts.  I won’t have to deal with above kitty litter issues.  This is way cheaper, which means more money towards bills and tasty food.  My cats are pretty smart so I think this will be pretty easy.   The kit comes with a training seat, a training seat insert, instructions, quick tips guide, and catnip.   

I’ve already started to set it up.  I gave the toilet a good cleaning, as well as their kitty litter box.  They recommend putting the kitty litter box next to the toilet to get them used to the noise, but mine is already placed there.  They have no fear of the toilet at all.  I have taped open the toilet lid, which I expect is going to be very hard for me not to close.  I have made a small calendar to track progress (you are supposed to give each step two weeks without accidents before moving on to the next step.  This is because I have two cats, otherwise I could reduce that to one week.)  We have to wait to be paid, so that we can go buy flushable kitty litter in case any falls in while training is in progress.  This Friday we will go get a medium bag to help with the transition.

As I go through this process I will keep track here, in case anybody is curious.  If you are not don’t read 😀

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