Looking at houses!

So we have gone quite a few times to look for houses, but I had not really talked about it much.  We are serious in our search, but we want to take our time and find something that really fits into our lifestyle, but also our budget.  Very difficult.  We also want a house (or are willing to take one) that needs some TLC however we also don’t want something to big for us to handle.  I basically think we want a house that has good structure, and decent land, but may be ugly at the moment.  Something fixable over time.

Today we are meeting Karl’s mother to go look at six houses, and then afterwards go out to dinner.  This time I am bringing my camera!



Primal Cats?

A topic for another post: what I feed my cats.  Hint: its raw, and tends to run around clucking.

However, this is a slightly more surreal post.  Karl and I decided to potty train our cats.  According to many sources this can be done in as little as four weeks, depending on the cat.  This whole thing makes me giggle a bit, but if it works out it will be interesting to see how much money we save on kitty litter.  I also hate kitty litter on my feet, in my bed, my cats smell like the powder and dust that comes from the kitty litter.  I’m pretty sick of it.  We thought about switching to the Swheat Scoop kitty litter, but decided against it for several reasons.  One, it feels so wrong to by something that is clearly made out of wheat when you are primal 🙂  Also there are some concerns that any dust from the litter would include gluten, and we have done such a good job eliminating gluten from out apartment completely (as far as I know).  However, I am sure the dust from clay litter is not good for any of our lungs.  Also, from what I hear, clay litter is pretty horrible for the environment during both the production of it and the disposal.

So we thought: Why not get rid of kitty litter altogether?  This appeals to me on so many fronts.  I won’t have to deal with above kitty litter issues.  This is way cheaper, which means more money towards bills and tasty food.  My cats are pretty smart so I think this will be pretty easy.   The kit comes with a training seat, a training seat insert, instructions, quick tips guide, and catnip.   

I’ve already started to set it up.  I gave the toilet a good cleaning, as well as their kitty litter box.  They recommend putting the kitty litter box next to the toilet to get them used to the noise, but mine is already placed there.  They have no fear of the toilet at all.  I have taped open the toilet lid, which I expect is going to be very hard for me not to close.  I have made a small calendar to track progress (you are supposed to give each step two weeks without accidents before moving on to the next step.  This is because I have two cats, otherwise I could reduce that to one week.)  We have to wait to be paid, so that we can go buy flushable kitty litter in case any falls in while training is in progress.  This Friday we will go get a medium bag to help with the transition.

As I go through this process I will keep track here, in case anybody is curious.  If you are not don’t read 😀

New kettlebell

So Karl and I are trying to cut down costs, and because we were already living fairly frugully to begin with it means we don’t have many places to cut back in.  We both have a gym membership to Total Performance Sports, a very awesome gym.  We are paying $29.00 a month, which in my opinion is a very good deal.  Because of this it was hard to cut it.  We have decided to give up the gym.  No worries, we have a plan on how to stay in shape.  We are investing in our favorite part of the gym: kettlebells.  We ordered a 16kg kettlebell.


It is so pretty!  We decided on this kettlebell for many reasons.  It is professional grade which means it is made out of steel and not iron.  Every kettlebell we buy from this line will be the same size and shape but still vary in weight. This important for carry over technique.  You don’t want to have to adapt your technique every time you go up a weight.  We settled on 16kg because we can both start out using it as a heavy.  However we are aware that Karl is probably very quickly move beyond this weight and need a heavier one.  He will then use the 16kg as his light kettlebell.  I will be able to continue using it as my heavy and will in the future buy a lighter one for my light.  It seemed this best one for us to start with.  

My current workout is as follows:

Kettlebell two hand swing heavy: 25

Squats body:  10

Around the Body heavy:  12

Knee Push-Ups: 10

Heavy Figure Eight: 10

Plank: 60 seconds

Kettlebell two hand swing heavy:  25

Squats body: 10

Around the body heavy: 12

Knee Pushups 10

Figure Eight: 10

Plank: 60 seconds

Next week I hope to incorporate some new exercises but I am having a hard time finding good heavy kettlebell moves.  

Raw oyster!?!

Karl’s parents, along with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece, went to a seafood place called Turk’s Seafood. It is a gem of a restaurant. Located at 83 Marion St, Mattapoisett MA, this gem was started by the late Richard “Turk” Pasquill in 1989. His concept was to buy seafood basically off the boat, which is guaranteed to be the freshest fish.

I went into this with the decision to try new things. My father-in-law, Charlie, knows the guy who runs the place and received permission to let me try a raw oyster. They brought it out on a little plate with a small chunk of lemon and some cocktail sauce. They basically announced it as they came in with it, which made the entire room go quiet. So in front of thirty or so new friends I tried my first raw oyster with lemon juice fresh squeezed on it. Several onlookers commented on the fact that eating an oyster was like taking a shot. Let me tell you, with thirty people watching I felt newly twenty-one again! The oyster was good though. I would definitely try it again, although it mostly tasted like lemons.

Karl ordered fried scallops, deciding to give himself a cheat since it has been so long since we had eaten out. He was nice enough to let me try one, and I found it buttery and delicious. The texture was perfect. We had try to make scallops before as an appetizer for a dinner party, but it turned out pretty chewy. Luckily it was wrapped in bacon, so was still a hit, but I really want to replicate what I just had in the restaurant. Although no breading of course. Karl also had a side of sweet potato fries.

I decided to order the seared rare tuna over sushi rice and mango salsa. It originally had a spicy Hawaiian sauce, but it had soy in it so I left it off. The mango salsa wasn’t my favorite but that is because I like it a very specific way. The tuna melted in my mouth and was absolutely delicious. I would definitely go back to this restaurant. My niece definitely did not like being there, too many people I think. She preferred to be outdoors 😉 I have to admit eating the meal outside would have been awesome. I also stole another scallop.

Overall the meal was very very good. Definitely encourages my branching into seafood.

Trying New Things

I hate seafood.  I hate it with a passion.  It smells bad and everything it touches becomes fishy and musty to me.  I’ve had what others consider to be very good fish and other seafood and still thought it tasted that way.  It is probably me, not where it came from and not how it was prepared.

I am aware, however, that I have only tried a small fraction of seafood and cooking methods.  Two years ago on a whim I tried sushi for the first time.   It contained salmon and eel and I loved it!  Having switched from a conventional American diet to a primal one, I have to really pay attention to individual nutrients until it becomes a habit.  In the past many nutrients that have been added to “fortified foods” came from foods I do not enjoy.  Seafood is one of them.  I want to expand my palate and eat better foods.  I am trying to give seafood a fair try.

In a couple of minutes Karl and I are headed down to his folks to visit and go to a seafood restaurant they love to go to.  Nothing fancy, considered very casual.  I want to go into this with the spirit of being adventurous and the knowledge that if I don’t like it, thats ok.  The important thing is that I tried something new.

Olive Oil

As some might say, I am way off the wagon with my goals.  But it doesn’t matter.  I keep moving forward because that is the path to my goals.


I have been having a very tough time balancing my goals with the realities of my present.  This means my strategy needs to change.  Small important steps and time to get a firm hold on it before moving on to the next.  For example.  I am always trying to improve what I eat.  And I have discovered terrible news.  I have been consuming fraudulent extra virgin Olive oil.  GASP!


After quite a bit of debate with myself I have decided to take a chance on http://kasandrinos.com/ They are highly recommended by several Paleo blogs and I have to start somewhere.  Today they were having a free shipping on orders over $30 so I decided it was a good time to give it a shot.  Our current olive oil (365 100% Italian) is half way gone, so hopefully this stuff arrives in time.


I have also been considering how to use other fats. Karl and I have decided that we would like to start saving the drippings from any meat we cook so that will be a start.


I will do a full comparison review on my current olive oil and Kasandrinos when the new stuff gets here.  However please keep in mind that I am in no way a connoisseur.  I had no idea I was consuming fake olive oil, which says a lot.  However as I endeavor to update my knowledge on the subject I will keep you posted.  These techniques can be used on a variety of subjects so the methodology is sound for me.  This is something I am trained to do and like to do on all products that need to be questioned.


Stay tuned!

Contest at Civilized Caveman

Sometimes trying to be Primal can be expensive, so I take my time adding in all the little conveniences that make this diet easier to do with the time and money I have.  Hopefully some people can take advantage of the contests that some websites have, and get some wonderful stuff.  At the very least I have been very inspired in some of the stuff I have seen.  I am on a rediculously limited budget (school loans and trying to go back to school vicious cycle) so it takes a lot of patience and control not to just go out and buy a bunch of stuff for my lifestyle.  The original reason I had to not do this was because I get excited by new concepts and by up a bunch of stuff and then abandon it two months later.  Huge waste.  I have been involved in this lifestyle since September of 2010, so I feel pretty committed and I don’t feel this is a problem anymore.  However you can do this lifestyle without all the fancy stuff as well.  The tools are awesome, don’t get me wrong but I want people to realize that you can start this lifestyle on any budget.  In the future I plan on posting some tricks to make it cheaper, without sacrificing anything.  I know, big promises!


Anyway, on to the contest!  Civilized Caveman is having a giveaway if you go around and like a bunch of stuff on facebook and subscribe to a couple of newsletters.  Now normally it makes me really uncomfortable to do things like that, because of many reasons I don’t feel like going into.  However, the facebook likes appear to help out quite a few small businesses whose practices I think I could really get behind.  So definitely go and check it out!

Civilized Caveman $1800 Giveaway!


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