Library visit

continuing my goal of learning spanish, I decided to check out the library within walking distance of where I work.  I thought I could get a library card, and perhaps check out what learning-a-language CD selection they might have.  This particular library actually has quite a selection.  So I was easily able to sign up for a library car (yay!) and then I checked out a couple of quick and dirty learn Spanish sets.  The first one I tried is too heavily damaged and I am not able to get it working.  I am currently cleaning the CD and we will se how that goes. The other one, Fodor’s Living Language Spanish for Traveler’s.  That one is working great, so that is the one I will be listening to and from work.  I have started making my flashcards.  Also we are switching one of our computer games (conveniently called Diablo) to Spanish to try to play it that way.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂