Oops, been awhile!

Finding out about my friend’s blog made me realize that I had completely neglected mine.  Oops.

Let’s see, what is going on with me?

This morning I went to a sewing class called “Get to Know Your Sewing Machine PLUS.”  The purpose was to familiarize yourself with your sewing machine and how to read patterns.  The sewing machine part was not really necessary for me, because the machine comes with instructions.  I don’t need help reading those.  However the pattern’s part was very helpful to me.  Also I have had the teacher, Cassidy (I hope I am spelling that right!) is awesome.  She is a very good teacher.  Always confidant that you can do it, but never overemphasizing how “easy it is;” making you fell stupid when you don’t get it.  I always feel comfortable leaving her classes to do my own thing.

Two of the girls taking the class seemed nice, if a little shy.  One of the girls… not so nice.  She may have some anger issues.  I hope she is not in my next class.  I miss the ladies from my knitting class.  They were so awesome!  They travel way more than I do, so I was a little jealous.  

Karl wants to start traveling.  I think he might have the bug, which I am ok with.  Maybe it will push me to actually save to go somewhere cool.  We are thinking the Caribbean.  I have several friends from there who are full of advice on where to go and how to do it for cheaps.

Lastly I have been on an intense kick to learn as many new things as possible.  I am trying to sort it out and divide my time wisely.  This way I actually retain what I learn.  Currently still working on Spanish, fermenting food,  quality work (as part of my job in Quality Assurance), knitting, sewing, statistics, possibly going back to school and a workout plan that is more intense then I previously realized.  There is more but that is what pops up currently.

Perhaps returning to blogging will help me sort and decide things in my mind.